Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to... get a new visa in Hong Kong

For many people, being unable to extend their visas in China came quite as a surprise during the last weeks. Faced with the sudden need for a new visa, a short trip to Hong Kong is often the economically most advantageous option. Beware of the traps though! The commissioner's office in Hong Kong has considerably tightened the rules for visa issuance, too.

If you are from one of the following countries, your best choice is to apply for a new visa in your home country, as the Hong Kong visa office is very unlikely to process your request.

Afghanistan / Algeria / Bangladesh / Congo / Egypt / Gambia / Ghana / Guinea / India / Indonesia / Iran / Iraq / Kaiakhstan / Kirghiziani / Libya / Malaysia / Mali / Mauritania / Monaco / Nepal / Nigeria / Pakistan / Philippines / Saudi Arabia / Sierra Leone / South Africa / Sri Lanka / Sudan / Syrian / Tajikistan / Tunisia / Turkey / Uzbekistan

Currently, L and Z visas are issued in Hong Kong to all other nationalities, but things change on a daily basis and you'll have to make sure you can extend yours by calling before you leave.

To apply for a tourist (L) visa in Hong Kong, you can either go to the Commissioner's Office yourself:

7th Floor, Lower Block, China Resources Building,
No.26, Harbor Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong SAR
Office Hours
Monday to Friday (except Hong Kong public holidays,)
9:00-12:00 14:00-17:00

You will be asked to hand in all documents you usually need to provide for an L visa application.

For those constantly living in China and for some reason not holding a Z visa, getting hotel and flight bookings often proves difficult. One solution to this problem is to go through one of the many experienced
travel and visa agencies in Hong Kong; most of them will take care of all the bookings and deliver a hassle-free visa.

Please be aware that you will most likely only get a 30 days tourist visa for the time being. This can, according to current regulations,
be extended twice in China, up to a total duration of stay of 90 days.

Concerning Z visas from Hong Kong, the official information is that Z visas have to be applied for in your respective home country. However, over the past weeks, no applicant with all necessary documents was rejected and we have reason to hope the situation will remain stable.

It is also possible to get visa in other adjacent countries, the most popular ones being Vietnam, India and Thailand. However, embassies might be less experienced in dealing with third country applicants, so please make sure you call ahead before getting stuck. Recently, the Chinese embassy in Korea stated that only applicants with Korean residence permits will be accepted!


Anonymous said...

Just received from JTA (Japan Travel Agency) in HK, the situation is grim for those trying to get Visas in HK:
Dear Customer

Thank You for your e-mail

The government had changed visa regulations again 3months single entry visa
no longer available ,now have only 1month 30days single-entry (L) visaHKD800
or 2months double entry (L)visaHKD1050 (have to go out of china every
30days),one and half working days for the visa processing.

If you come before 1000am - pick up visa on next day at 1430pm
If you come before 1400pm- pick up visa on next day at 1800pm
After 1400pm - pick up visa after two working days at 1430pm.

For the visa application please bring passport ,passport photo,retun flight
ticket( HKG-CHINA-HKG) ,hotel comfirmation in china.

*Please beware that no sameday service effective from 28 Apr

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me.Thank you very much

Coeurdelion said...

Thanks for posting this - doesn't look like a change to me! I know JTA requests tickets and reservations from applicants, while FBT for example doesn't.

Also, when you use JTA, you supposedly cannot use flight tickets to Beijing - they have to be to another city or you'll only be granted a 10 day L visa.

Anonymous said...

Hi there :-) well it is, in that 3month visas are no longer being issued at all, only 1 month single or 2 month double but with 30 day stay limit. And prices are higher, of course. (The hotel and return flight requirements are I believe standard practice now). The email says nothing about BJ flights, but maybe it all makes sense. I have asked some of the other firms what they are doing, will see if I get a reply.

Coeurdelion said...

You're completely right - they are standard practice, but there are still quite a lot of agencies out there that will take care of all the bookings for you. They might not tell you so in writing though!

It would be great if you had any information about other agencies - you can also send it to me by email or directly post it under the "How to find a reliable visa agency" thread!

Thanks for contributing!

Anonymous said...

here is one reliable agency that i helped me with multiple F (before) and 2-entry L (10 days ago) visa. and they don't ask you to provide any flight or hotel booking. just ask for a photo, your passport and personally go there to fill in a form. and the cost of 2 entry L visa is HK$850. the name of the agency is R'N'B Travel and their office is in Chunking Mansions on the 2nd floor. tel numbers: +852 27393315, +852 27393389

Coeurdelion said...

Great, thanks for sharing the agency details! I'll include them in the "How to find an agency" post.

Maarten said...

We've been to Hong Kong to RNB travel as well. We only hand in a photo and our passport and the guy arranged a 60 day 2 entry visa within 24h! I don't know how he arranged it, but we came into China so it is legal I guess.

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Izhan Nasuha said...

Also, when you use JTA, you supposedly cannot use flight tickets to Beijing - they have to be to another city or you'll only be granted a 10 day L visa.

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